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For the most part, my website contains static information. If you're looking for regular updates, information about book signing schedules, and other details, then you might want to head out to one of my blogs or social network sites. I've conveniently gathered all of the links for you here in one place. Enjoy!

Children's Books

My Who Pooped in the Park? series ("Scat and Tracks for Kids") from Farcountry Press has sold over 350,000 copies. With 17 books in the series and the 18th coming this summer, it covers parks and ecosystems all across the United States. They're fun for the kids, and informative for kids and parents alike!

Coming in the summer of 2013: "Who Pooped in the Cascade Mountains?" This newest book will cover the Cascade range of Washington, Oregon, and Northern California, including landmarks and animals we haven't met in other Who Pooped books.
Who Pooped in the Park?
closed captioning book covers

Closed Captioning Books

I have been working in the closed captioning and accessibility fields for over 20 years. I've written three captioning books and over 50 articles, and I've received a U.S. Patent and the Andrew Saks Engineering Award for my work in accessibility.

Philip W. Bravin, ex-President of the National Captioning Institute and former Chairman of the Gallaudet University Board of Trustees said, "The industry owes it to Gary Robson. Honestly, without Gary, there is very little out there documenting the development of captioning, from both a historical and technical point of view."

Other Books

I have written and contributed to several other books, including subjects ranging from court reporting to local history to ranching. I have also written seven technical manuals and guides, and entries for two encyclopedias, including the World Book.

other book covers
front page image of patent #7,360,234

Patent at Last!

Finally, almost six years after the original submission, United States Patent #7,360,234 was issued for the television filtering technology I developed for CaptionTV.